Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feeding Fifteen

We have 15 people in our house. So when you get up on a Saturday morning to cook breakfast, you've got your work cut out for you. Breakfast here usually consists of eggs, bacon (or sausage, or ham, depending on what we have at the time), toast, biscuits and gravy, "crumpets" (basically grilled cheese made with English muffins), and three pots of tea. Sometimes we'll have fried squash as well.

The girls wanted strawberries this morning. I explained to them that they weren't in season and they just looked confused. This is what they get for not paying attention in biology. Though, they're still getting used to us growing our own food. If you go to pretty much any grocery store you can get strawberries and just about any other kind of produce you want all throughout the year. The girls are still adjusting to the idea that certain fruits and vegetables only grow at certain times of the year. It certainly makes the claim that 30% of 8th graders don't know that milk comes from cows much more believable.

So, I told them that if they wanted fruit, they'd have to go to the garden and get it themselves. And what do they come back with? Mushrooms! Those are so not fruit. But if that's what they want to eat.... At least they're not begging me to do this stuff for them.

Well, breakfast is almost over. There's gardening to be done, and the kids have homework to work on. Just another Saturday that the Big House.


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