Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just in case you were confused

So, since Alan and Myst were the only ones to introduce themselves, I'm taking it upon myself to introduce everyone else. For now I'm just going to give you name, gender, and age. I'm sure the rest will become clear in time.

  • Alan, m., 2000(ish)
  • Myst, f., 1800(ish)
  • Brendan, m., 1600(ish)
  • Kevin (me!), m., 1400(ish)
  • Cambria, f., 2000(ish)
  • Drak, m., 1500(ish)
  • Nona, f., 27
  • Wynn, f., 16
  • Anne, f., 17
  • Terri, f., 20
  • Tiffany, f., 20
  • Irene, f., 34
  • Cambri, f., 14
Hope that clears things up a bit. Or at the very least made things ten time more confusing :P


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