Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coming and going

So, Cambria and Brendan will be gone for a few months, and so they will not be posting. I realize neither of them have posted anything yet anyway, but I didn't want any of you holding your breath for it (trust me, dying's not much fun).

But, we do have some new people moving in with us. Aria, her husband Lance, their daughter, and their cousin, Michael. This is going to be fun! Michael's parents are really conservative Christians, so we'll likely terrify him. I love corrupting good little Christian children!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Overcoming Jealousy: Kevin

I find it rather ironic that Irene's post about communication was so short. But back on topic....

I find it's very important to be secure in yourself. Often jealousy issues can stem from a fear of not being good enough and being abandoned. The common thought process goes something like this: "If we see other people, he might find someone better than me and leave me." This line of thinking is caused by a lack of confidence. If you're confident, many of those fears about being left for someone "better" go away because you know that you have value and cannot simply be replaced. And, if you recognize that each person is unique and valuable, you can better understand how your partner's other partner(s) enrich their lives.


Overcoming Jealousy: Irene

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

And then communicate some more.